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uniquely satisfying handstitched toy art

I have been creating and crafting for about 27 years. I use textiles I love to touch and such as colorful wool felt,  soft viscose and Liberty of London cotton prints. I use sheeps wool to fill them. The tinest details are carefully considered.

 I am self taught and stubborn, anxious, friendly and a little obsessive. I have a pretty good sense of humor too. My joy is in creating a whimsical, lyrical, sincere, odd sort of creature. All are individual and one of a kind. Created one at a time, designed and handsewn by me.


Dorothy Stuhr

store owner

I am a peaceful simple person. I believe in questions, big trees, music, birds, squirrels, conversation and laughing. I enjoy cemetaries for the quiet and stories. I am interested in people, what they do and how they do it where they are and why. My favorite word is simplify. But sometimes I tend to complicate things.

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